Material selection

Basi furniture is Italian. And, as we know, Italians love quality.
In the company's vocabulary, quality is synonymous with other words, above all, when we speak of the materials used in the production of our furniture.
The wood - solid blocks of maple, European cherry, European oak (also ebony stained) and American mahogany - is sourced from ensured suppliers and chosen for its substantial quality, indispensable when creating a value product which, over time, will not be surpassed by fashion or styles.
Moreover, Basi uses only wood from forests where the cutting is controlled and certified by the FSC system ensuring its sustainability. And, also because we have a deep belief in the protection of the environment and our natural resources. The coach hide used for the upholstery is exclusively aniline-tanned Italian coach hide.
The metal supports are made in the company's workshops, the glass is supplied by specialized Italian companies and the water-based varnishes comply with standards and, with a view to the clients' care, are completely non-toxic. All the furniture in the Basi collections is designed to be highly-customized in the choice of the materials, the colours and their size.
A choice can be made from many different solid blocks of wood, types of coach hide and a wide palette of colours; sizes can be adapted, as in the highest Italian sartorial tradition, to the client's exact requirements. So that every piece of Basi furniture can be as unique as the person who owns it!
This is what quality means.
That is, the Italian way of making furniture.